A child in a classroom

Agora for Education and Development

Inaccessibility to quality education remains a major challenge. Schools that operate on low budgets and have poor infrastructure do not have the capability to create and maintain suitable learning spaces for students to reach their full potential. Digital resources can offer a more sustainable & adaptive tool for students and teachers. Moreover, having those digital tools optimized to be user friendly for children makes it even more convenient to use inside and outside schools. As for the methodology, the solution lies in promoting self-directed learning by tapping into students' innate inclination to learn. Agora have developed a mobile application that uses machine learning to identify the objects that surround children in real life, using augmented reality, the platform transforms those objects into learning tools creating interactive learning experiences that are gamified, engaging, relevant, and skill building. During the investment period, Agora will release the app, develop the prototype for a parents/caregiver dashboard to track an individual childs learning progression, and incorporate additional learning units into the application.

03 September 2020