a student using a VR headset

Propter: XR Software for Immersive Learning

Propter are developing ScioXR, a VR/AR software platform that delivers immersive learning games and experiences that empower students to learn about the world around them. Propter seeks to modernize the contemporary classroom and spark students interest for new technologies and prepare them for the 21st century job market. This is done by engaging students as early as possible in the real-world STEM ecosystem. For students to fully grasp applications of the knowledge they are acquiring, there is a need to provide them with problems whose context they can experience and relate to. ScioXR project seeks to address this problem and solve it by introducing the latest achievements in VR/AR technology into the modern classroom. The company has developed three educational games and tested the product in collaboration with high school teachers. During the investment period, Propter will develop additional educational modules aligned to Serbia’s national curriculum, and complete user testing. The platform will provide an easy-to-use level editor so that students and educators can create experiences by themselves and share it with others, this way creating an open platform that is self-sustainable and suitable for knowledge sharing. A localization editor will be included to easily translate the content to other languages. The main users are educational institutions for students aged 6 to 19 years of age.

31 August 2020