Event by Stock Knowledge’s Digital Learning 2.0 held at De La Salle University last March 22, 2019.

Stock Knowledge: Gamified adaptive learning tool

Stock Knowledge are developing a gamification learning platform that effectively increases users’ aptitude, is secure, reliable and empowering for both students and teachers. The main features are:

(1) a learning management system that allows teachers to share their materials, conduct quizzes, and track students’ activities and progress

 (2) gamification, where common game features like points, instant feedback, badges, and levels to make the learning process more engaging for students

 (3) social network that connects learners for effective collaboration and;

(4) adaptive learning where the contents are strategically designed for individualized learning.

To date the company, have developed the VR app for android devices with Physics, Biology and Chemistry modules. The company has engaged with 45+ schools through digital learning events. During the investment period, StockKnowledge will integrate the app to an open source learning management platform. They will also add new modules and conduct further product development to gamify the content and include adaptive learning features.

03 September 2020